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Women overcoming distress

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Women overcoming distress

Skillfully made eco-friendly shopping bags

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Reuse our eco-friendly shopping bags

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Our shopping bags are:

  1. Eco-friendly.
  2. Skillfully stitched by hand by women overcoming distress
  3. High quality.
  4. Long lasting.
  5. Lightweight.
  6. Reusable.
  7. Made from natural fibers: cotton.
  8. Can be easily and neatly folded away into a small space in your purse/briefcase/etc.
  9. You can take it with you for everyday activities, travel, etc.
  10. Easy to wash and dry quickly.
  11. Available in many gorgeous colours.

These bags are skillfully stitched by hand by women overcoming their distress in India, who wish to build up their own income to support themselves and their families.

Please help us to empower them and protect our environment.

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